Turkish Lilac Natural Marble Material For Floor

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Lilac Marble is a natural marble material from Turkey origin, with long and elegant texture, soft, stumbling and very aesthetic texture. Intuitively stunning, it goes directly to the interior of the stone, with clear layers, showing the extraordinary preciousness of the stone, as if you can smell its faint fragrance, reflecting the perfect taste and temperament.

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Lilac Marble are high-finish materials, mainly used in buildings with high-end architectural decoration grade requirements. Such as: decorative materials for interior walls, cylinders, floors, etc. of large public buildings such as monumental buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, and stations.
Lilac Marble, the lavender texture that extends vertically has a unique momentum, suitable for modern minimalist, Nordic, new Chinese, simple European and other styles, bringing a bright and atmospheric visual experience and a supernatural space atmosphere.
And it’s big size slabs specifications and the various pattern of the veins, makes it a special and charming stone for designers. It can be well used in door panels, wall panels and countertops. Here also some recommended application: used in the background wall, villa floor, commercial space to release the elegant and fresh breath, showing the owner's taste and elegance.
The indoor environment decorated by Lilac Marble is as light and graceful as snowflakes, as if there is a faint fragrance of flowers floating around. The color, fragrance and beauty are extremely beautiful, which can also make up for the regret that there is no snow in winter in the south.
When the marble of Lilac is covered all over the ground, just like a pen on rice paper dipped in the mind and melted little by little.
The so-called elegance is not indifference and indifference
but the pursuit of a higher quality of life
Focus on character and connotation
Such as fragrant snow plum, pure and elegant, with a faint fragrance.

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