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If you want to find a most classic marble, I will recommend the White Wood Marble for you first.

White Wood, a representative material of wood marble series. It is original from Guizhou China. Due to Gray and white, with clear veins and elegant style, White Wood Marble are popular all over the world and are favored by many designers. It makes people feel peaceful in the bustling city.

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The material has large quantity in quarry. But there are different color, vein and size between different ore seam. A special point of this material is that it will darker when there is water in it or raining. But it will turn to it’s original color after drying.


White Wood can be use to countertop, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor. Designers like to use it to decorate floor and wall, it make the space appear cleaner. When it is used in hotel and store decoration, that will make people feel them are high-end and neat.


The most popular surface for the white Wood Marble is polished, but honed,leather and other surface may also be applicable under your request.


During the production process, from materials selection, manufacturing to packaging, our quality assurance personnel will be strictly to control the quality. We will ensure the quality of the stone products you buy.


The whole production process of a block, we usually spite it to 5 steps. Glue coat, cutting, Back Net, Rough Rubbing, Polish.


In terms of packaging, we use fumigated wooden packaging, which is packed with plastic inside and strong seaworthy wooden bundles outside.This ensures that there will be no collision and breakage during transportation.


We sell White Wood to all over the world, and all receive the good feedback of the vein and quality. If you are interested in White Wood Marble, don’t hesitate to try it.


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