Dedalus Green Marble Twilight Nature Stone Slabs

Short Description:

This nature marble has an enigmatic and complex personality because despite emerging from a dark green background.

The veins erupt with surprising blazes of colour and flashes of life from the elegant background seem close to nature.

Imposing and powerful, belvedere both catches the eye and spoils the observer, providing an unexpected and provocative beauty. This natural stone is the answer for those who are looking for unusual and surprising design solutions.

It has a famous name as “Dedalus” which is from Anotlini Italy.

Nature is never lacking in creativity, create each marble unique texture.

Like this new green material, green background color spreads out the abstract lines.

Twilight Marble is exclusive to ICE STONE now.

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There are more than 3500M2 of nature slabs and 500tons of raw blocks in our stock.
Ice Stone is one of the biggest agent of this nature green marble materials. We are advantaged in quarry resources integration,has the first choice for raw blocks selection.
Not only that, we have the largest variety of nature China Stone Materials. The biggest difference we have in the ornamental stone industry is the nature wealth that the country provides us. The industry trend is grow, it because the diversity of our stones here in China is immense.


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