New Arrival Lush Volcanic Green Marble Natural Stone

Short Description:

Mountains stand in the forest, Rivers pass through the jungle.

Coming into the lush forest…

Did you hear that? Are there any birds singing?

Did you smell that? Is the air extremely clean?

Can you feel that? Is there a breeze blowing across your face?

Enjoying! Enjoy this gift from nature!

Oh? You ask me what gift is this?

This is the natural stone, that nature has given us!

Decorate it at home, so that your tired body can enjoy and relax in nature as if you were on the scene.

What? You ask me what is it called?

Remember its name “Lush Volcanic”!

Lush Volcanic Marble, which is based on dark green, and accompanied by orange and green color line. Green in the cool color system, it seems to be a color that can refresh the environment and make people feel relaxed. Lush Volcanic marble looks like the forest filled with ‘Passion, Strength, Hope’. Lush Volcanic Well-deserved its name.

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This material is full of endless possibilities. Lush Volcanic Marble with good hardness and can be widely used, so that suitable for wall cladding, floor covering, as well as countertops, vanity tops or other stone products.
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Selections of Lush Volcanic Marble Slabs.
We have many available slabs in stock. We cut and update slabs from time to time, to match various requirements of different slab patterns or styles.
Usually polished and honed, available customized surface finish.
Thickness, 1.8cm, 2cm and 3cm slabs can be cut from blocks.
Our factory has Lush Volcanic marble blocks for sale too.
You can view the slab pictures, and feel free to contact us for the latest slabs or blocks in stock!
Get a Sample?
We can provide free samples, but you need to pay for the freight charge. Our regular size is under 20*20cm.
Any interest, welcome to contact us. Hope to be service on you!


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