Fantasy Polished Dreaming Green Slabs For Exterior Decoration

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If you are looking for a kind of vitality marble, Dreaming Green marble must be your one pick.

Green stands for nature, peaceful and life. When you see the green, forest seems that appearence in your view. Look,this marble like the pleasant forest, right?It is a precious marble with excellent characteristics.The sinuous veins in the colors of dark & light green, white, gray and black make it unique.Each block is totally different. I can promise to you that you will have the most special and unique marble if you buy it. When it is used to decorate your house, the house also becomes the one of unique.

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Many designers use the Dreaming Green marble as the first choice for house decoration. It makes the space full of vitality as if you were the main character of Alice in Wonderland, and live in a psychedelic forest. In addition, no matter where you decorate with the material, such as wall tile, floor tile, countertop, stair, etc. It can also bring a pop of color to your house.

The origin of Dreaming Green marble is North Korea. We have slabs and blocks in our stock, which will be updated time to time, and blocks can be cut according to your order. We can accept wholesale and retail, and the minimum order quantity is 50 square meters. The terms of payment is T/T.


In terms of packaging, we use fumigated wooden packaging, which is packed with plastic inside and strong seaworthy wooden bundles outside.This ensures that there will be no collision and breakage during transportation.


During the whole production process, from material selection, manufacturing to packaging, our quality assurance personnel will strictly control each process to ensure quality standards and on-time delivery.

After Sales

If there is any problem after receiving the goods, you can communicate with our salesman to solve it.


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