China Green Ancient Times Raggio Verde for Flooring

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Ancient Times also named Antique Green. It is a natural marble which comes from the northeast part of China.

Ancient Times is basically marble texture, at the same time the texture of the green part is similar with onyx which is clean, pure and transparent.

Ancient Times has green and black veins spreading on the white color background which makes it an unparalleled unique natural beauty. The green color brings us to the central of nature. It would be very enjoyful like wandering deep in the jungle while appreciating the stunning pattern.

It is like a rushing river above the wilderness which full of dynamism and power. The variety of colors bring the splendor of natural stone into full play, which is the best choice for the pursuit of luxury decoration and individuality. The Ancient Times has bright and vivid color, and the pattern is wild and unrestrained.

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When used as a background wall with bookmatched slabs always has unexpected effects. It is atmospheric and full of imagination, with a strong visual impact, and rich colors can further enrich the sense of space.
As a background wall, it is not only suitable for home decoration, but also suitable for use in public places. Ancient Times also suitable for Living Room, Dinning Room, bathroom and countertops. Thanks to it, Ancient Times is now a favourite choice for both design and decoraction for hotel, restaurant, private house, and many other places.
Now Ice Stone, as the biggest supplier for Ancient Times, has thousands square meters of slabs and hundreds tons of blocks available in stock. We select very extra quality blocks from the quarry, like 1 out of 10, well transport to our factory and produce with first grade Tenax Glue, strong back net and Italian polishing machine and tools. With all these efferts, we retain the truest and naturest essence of the stone and present Ancient Times’ perfect side to all the customers and visitors.


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